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New Yaohan Department Store
New Yaohan was formerly known as Yaohan and was established in 1992 by a Japanese firm with the only department store in Macau, in 1997 Panda Sociedade de Gestao de Investimentos Limitada a subsidiary of Sociedade de Tourismo Diversoes de Macau (S.T.D.M). S.T.D.M. and Shun Tak Holdings Limited acquired Yaohan and renamed it to New Yaohan, apart from the Japanese products we have extended with a wide range of top collection, famous and luxury brands as well as designer's label which added colors to our lives; in addition STDM also has a lot of wholly owned or joint venture organizations, in addition to New Yaohan Department Store, but also including the Macau International Airport, Macau Ferry Terminal, Turbo Jet Co Ltd, Asia Pacific Airlines, many Macau Five Star Hotels, Air Macau, entertainment and performing careers.

Choi Heung Yuen Bakery
Since the thirties we founded our first Choi Heong Yuen Bakery, after seventy years of years of efforts, Choi Heong Yuen has been widely known in other areas other than Macau, United States, Canada, Singapore and Australia with more than 50 retails shops becoming the first choice of Macau homeland gifts; Choi Heong Yuen Bakery was been awarded the "Macau Tour Order of Merit" by the Macau Chief Executive, we carry the certification “Service Certification” issued by SGS Hong Kong but also selected by readers as the "Hong Kong and Macao Merchants of Integrity" and "My Top 10 most loved Hong Kong brands".

Popular Group Company Limited
Popular Group Company Limited is a subsidiary of HN Holdings Limited, the only private integrated and Macao business delegation of medical care and drug supply with a number of shops in various districts of Macao including the five major pharmacies, two medical centers and Popular Import & Export, we are one of the oldest private pharmacies with more than five hundred years of history encompassing the various re-considerate of your daily necessities of life to bring you care. In addition, HN Holdings Limited is the Macao-based leading diversified conglomerate founded in 1920 which was acquired in 1983 by the prestigious Hong Kong Weng San Group as a subsidiary, we have a large scale of development projects and also in all areas of daily life, from the wholesale retail and apparel industry, environmental engineering as well as recreational facilities construction technology; we have also partnered up with Chinese and foreign institutions to open more branches in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou to boom our business.

Nam Kwong Department Store Limited
Nam Kwong (Group) Co., Ltd., based in Macao is a central enterprise directly under the State Council, the SASAC, the group formerly known as Nam Kwong Trading Company was founded in 1949, the first Chinese-funded institutions in Macao, our main business are including consumer goods, trade, hotels and tourism and related services, real estate management and development and integrated logistics business, operating petrochemical commodities, metals, food, clothing, medicine and health products; also own the only oil and gas transit Macau, storage, transportation and aviation fuel designed for facilities, hotels, department stores, arcades, office buildings, docks, warehouses cold storage, fleet, etc.; apart from Macau, in China we have seven hotels and nine enterprises; these are closely linked with our daily life bringing us many convenience.



As Macao's economy is growing as well as the rapid development of the retail industry, but the social changes brought about many challenges for the retail industry, including competition from other shopping destination areas, retail sales down, consumer flight, the industry's brain drain, impact on the industry may be due to a number of policies and issues not expected to increase the burden on retailers. Therefore, we have to unite a collection of forces, joint problem-solving. Since its inception the Macau Retail Management Association, Macao will gradually support of major retailers, will be at the forefront of the fight for the best interests on their behalf. We look forward to get more support from retailers to expand our strength. We are sincerely inviting you to become a member, jointly fulfill our purpose.

Power Sports Company Limited
May Go Sports

Belle Worldwide Limited


YGM Marketing (Macau) Limited


Patsville (Macao) Company Limited


Clarins (Macau) Limitada



Triumph International (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Gold Touch


Tung Fong Hung Medicine Company (Macau) Ltd.


LiFung Trinity (Management) Limited


Casablanca Group Limited

Shiseido Hong Kong Limited


Lei Kei Telecom


Sun Star Trading Company Limited

Aimer (Macao) Co., Ltd.

King Power Duty Free (Macau) Company Ltd.

DFS COTAI Limitada

Macau Matters Company Limited


Belle International (China) Limited

Vanilla Dew H.K. Ltd.


V.F.G. Macao Company Limited

Estee Lauder (HK) Ltd.


HSB Hari, Skin and Bath Products Company Limited

BLS (Macau) Limited


Louis Vuitton Macau Company Limited

RLG Macau Limited


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