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Macau Shopping Festival 2011

The Macau Shopping Festival is organized by the participated retail trade partners in Macau with support of the Macau Government, featuring the unique shopping experience in Macau. The event will be held from 10th September to 7th October,2011. The shopping festival will be held in conjunction with Fireworks Festival,World Tourism Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and the beginning of Gold week. Macau Government Tourism Office(MGTO) plans this event to become an annual local event, and wished to continue generating awareness and sustainability of the campaign for both tourists and locals.

MRMA as organizing member of Macau Shopping Festival committee, our company members will provide different kinds of special privileges or special offers ,in order to leaving memorable shopping moment for all the tourists and locals during this event.

09/11/2007 Meeting between Macau Retail Management Association and Human Resources Office

One member of the retail industry will not be able to solve the issues, the main purpose of our Association is to explore the application Human Resources Office of labor related issues and to reached the following conclusions:

Human Resources Office representative pointed out that at this moment any application for foreign workers will take at least 2 months from the date all documents were submitted but they would make their best to process the application within one month.
The approval of foreign worker quota has different requests for each application; for small businesses conditions are not particularly high. Human Resources Office representative pointed out that all applications on behalf of employers must be provided with the real facts so the favorable information will be used for the approval of the foreign worker.
By the mid-May 2007, the Chinese government has implemented six months for the cooling. in the mainland 10 jobs has a clear understanding of the guidelines. Mainland workers left Domestic Company A to work for the Company B, including the application time of 2 to 4 months, about 8 to 9 months time. For detailed situation information can be requested by duty inquires.
For deployment of foreign workers in a different location of the retail store should be a licensed company or an independent store in the name of quota. For the approved application, approved foreign worker of the licensed company can work in different locations for any independent store registered by the same company.
Human Resources Office is very concerned about the foreign worker salary as some applications are filled up with a fake salary, as a reference salary for foreign workers should be half of the local salary.
Human Resources Office pointed out that will not meet directly any particular applicant company but is willing to meet with any groups or associations to understand the issues faced by all sectors and provide assistance. For inquiries please contact the Human Resources Office, Tel: 28400040 or browse their website.

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